Future Ready 101 Workshop


Launch your project or idea to success with a focused boost of futures thinking first.

1-2 hours, group of 10-30

SCENARIO 2035. 30-70% of jobs have been impacted by robotics and AI. Apps write their own code. Universal Basic Income has replaced the need for ‘work’ to define our lives. Humans are an inter-planetary species. Bio- tech is regularly implanted at birth.
But how to start? And is your school preparing students for any of this?

This 1-2 hour workshop is a fun but serious big picture thinking experience which leaves students ready to succeed with any school project. It gives them the boost they need with play, curiosity, creativity, teamwork and collaboration literacies (all mapped to the model) so they are ready to to be more enterprising both at school and in their future beyond it.

OUTCOMES: Attendees leave with a new grasp of:
A. What current tech developments mean for their lives and Education,
B. What a positive response that can be implemented now looks like, and
C. How the FutureWe Readiness Framework can be applied to support them as
creative, collaborative learners today and beyond.

  • Blends Foresight Thinking with exposure to tech like VR, AR and apps, Agile Practice group planning, Process Drama techniques and more to immerse students or Teachers in a way that launches them to a deeper understanding of their own practice and positive ways to prepare students to thrive. • Learn more 

  • Also receive digital badge of completion and invite to Be Future Ready online.

(Price is ex-GST)

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