First Kids on Mars mini-mission


1-4 hour mini-mission for 10-30 that covers Creativity and Community literacies.

’First Kids on Mars’ 1 hour or 2-4 hours

SCENARIO 2050. The Mars colony was so busy planning for survival, they forgot the nextstep. That’s where you come in. What does the Mars need first so colonists have the skills to create a community? How can creative problem solving + collaboration skills help the colony not just survive, but thrive? 

- Request a copy of Playbook to learn more

OUTCOMES: Students (and Teachers) leave with a deeper understanding of
A. How to be Creative/ Curious (level 1), and Collaborative/ Leadership (level 2),
B. How these link to their own and Education’s place in an automated future, and
C. Leave with increased confidence to begin applying creativity and collaboration in the classrooms to support curriculum projects today.

  • Blends tech like VR, AR and apps with role-play, Agile Practice group planning and more to immerse Teachers in a way that launches them to a deeper understanding of their own practice.

  • Can be focused on your choice of: STEM, Storytelling, Entrepreneur skills, Sustainability, Food production, etc

PLUS GET: Cloth Mission patches, ’Launch Site’ status, flyer and video for promotions, access to official ‘Playbook’ (retails for $49), customise PD for you, followup video chat, and links to space and innovation projects.

  • Please contact us about the teacher version ‘First School on Mars’

  • You may also want to book the full 2 day mission

(Price is ex-GST)

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