First School on Mars - Teacher's playbook


The Creative Teacher's Guide To Help Learners Thrive Through The Future
- How to apply our activities to enhance your classroom

Are you and your school Future-Ready? Most everyone now recognises that we need to be  creative problem solvers to thrive no matter what an uncertain future brings. Now that we live in an age where 90% of all data that exists has been created in only the last two years (, 2017), no learner or worker will ever be able to memorise and recall all the data for their field. Instead, what will help them are the creative problem solving skills that allow them to adapt as 30-70% of todays jobs are displaced by Automation technologies (such as Artificial Intelligence and Robotics).
It’s well past time to reform education so that all of us know how to dream up our own jobs, teams and vocations, rather than relying on corporations or governments to move fast enough in this hyper-digital era. But how to get started? That’s where asking ‘What would Mars need first?’ and the Framework come in. 

This playbook will help you and your students be future-ready as it leverages the framework to
A. Introduce the big picture of creative problem solving, futures thinking.
B. Show how entering into a playful scenario (like being chosen to go to Mars) can launch a lifelong journey of creative success.
C. Give you practical, classroom-tested activities you can use in your school tomorrow.

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