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Your first step on a journey to visit space that also helps you navigate and succeed at life on Earth.

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The astronaut training app that’s your first step on a journey to actually travel to space. Start learning astronaut skills through fun challenges and inspiring minigames that utilize NASA expertise. 

“NASA is collaborating with Space Nation, a space experiences company based in Europe, on their upcoming astronaut training experiences program and mobile application.” -

“Space Nation’s app will provide access to anyone with a smartphone to materials and training programs that are used to prepare actual astronauts for the journey to space.” - TechCrunch

“We hope an app like Space Nation’s will help global users better understand what it takes to be an astronaut in a fun and entertaining way.” - Mike Read, manager, commercial space utilization at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston

Space Nation Navigator is the first step in the Space Nation Astronaut Program, in which one Space Nation Astronaut will travel to space each year. There will also be opportunities to take part in real life astronaut experiences.

Space Nation Navigator guides you through the excitement of space exploration, the science of space, motivation, physical fitness, cultural understanding and a range of other essential astronaut skills.

Unearth your inner astronaut through quizzes, games and missions. Weekly challenges place you at the centre of your own space adventure. Astro Fitness gets your body ready for life in space.

Unlock badges and achievements, and climb the candidate ranks to receive mission awards, prizes, and eventually the chance to take part in real life astronaut training experiences.


The first step in the Space Nation Astronaut Program

NASA is providing technical expertise through a collaboration agreement - known as a Space Act Agreement - with Space Nation.

Developed with real life astronaut trainers.

Train in three core areas - Body, Mind, Social - to develop key astronaut skills.

Astro Fitness: Daily, at home physical challenges.

Space related quizzes for curious minds. 

Get social - share your journey with other players in photo galleries.

Learn more how to access Space Nation's out of this world astronaut training experiences.

Weekly adventures cover a selection of space skills and equip you for the astronaut lifestyle.

Adventures and games updated daily. 

Unlocking achievements unlocks more space-related knowledge.

Perfect balance of education and entertainment: have fun while learning about space.

Gain astronaut skills, start leading a healthier life, be in with a chance to experience real life astronaut training. Your journey begins here.

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